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9D Virtual Reality System Games & More
Transport yourself to another virtually real world with our 9D VR Chairs! Coming Soon!
Bazooka Ball Shootout Games & More
Cowboy Bazooka Ball is a fun way to experience our Bazooka Ball guns with a carnival type game. In this game two players at a time use our Bazooka Ball guns to shoot 2" foam balls at our cowboys to try and knock down their teeth. Win by knocking down all five teeth with three shots or simply knock down more teeth than your opponent. Please note that this game is just for fun and no cowboys are harmed while playing this game.
Starting From $ 459.00
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Bouncy Horse Race Games & More
A fun addition to your next western themed event, company picnic, or school fair, these bouncy horses are great fun to race, and are good for adults & kids alike!
Starting From $ 129.00 per Day
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Bungee Basketball Bounce Houses, Games & More
The inflatable Bungee Basketball is an interactive game where 2 people are tied to the inflatable with bungee cords race to the edge to see who will put the ball in the basketball first.
Starting From $ 899.00 per Hour
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Conk the Crow Games & More
This colorful and sturdy 7'x7' game is perfect for the little ones! Kids love to throw the bean bags and knock down the crows sitting on the farmer's fence. It sets up in seconds.
Starting From $ 149.00 per Day
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Contest Spin Wheel Games & More
Write on this contest spin wheel with a dry erase marker, and update prizing on the fly!
Starting From $ 129.00 per Day
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Cow Milking Contest Games & More
The Cow Milking Contest Game Rental is loads of fun for everyone. Take turns milking a cow timed with a stop watch. Whoever gets the most milk (water with white coloring) into the bucket wins. The Cow Milking Contest Game Rental is sure to get everyone laughing.
Starting From $ 140.00 per Day
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Crack the Safe Games & More
The Prize Safe is the hottest new promotional product, brought to you by Giant Promotions! Great for parties, corporate events or lucky door prizes, guests or entrants have a go at trying to 'crack' a code programmed by you - winner takes whatever is inside. An inexpensive way to run an awesome promotion!
Starting From $ 95.00 per Day
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Dunk Tank Games & More
Dunk tanks have been delighting crowds for years. The concept of dunking the boss at the company picnic, or dunking the local "celebrity" at fundraiser events has become a popular concept. The Easy Dunker is great at fairs, carnivals, and block parties as well as a birthday parties, school functions and the list can go on.
Starting From $ 239.00 per Day
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Electronic Hockey Shootout Games & More
The electronic net offers hockey enthusiasts hours upon hours of unbelievable fun! The system can be used for interactive Fan Zones, tournaments, promotions, and for training on and off the ice. The net is made of a durable high-grade polymer shell with high-density polymer panels that are extremely break resistant.
Starting From $ 375.00 per Day
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Find the Golden Egg to Win Games & More
Find one of the 5 hidden golden eggs for a special prize.
Starting From $ 65.00 per Day
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Giant Connect Four Games & More
Great for family, school, picnic, party, community event, team building, indoor/outdoor. All ages. ALL fun! Giant Connect Four stands almost four feet tall so adults play in comfort and children, small or tall, have equal fun. Long lasting, brightly colored frame and discs (Red + Yellow). Weather-proof plastic - great for indoors or out. Stable during play.
Starting From $ 45.00 per Day
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Giant Hot Wire Games & More
Check out Giant Hot Wire, one of our new carnival game rentals for 2017. This is a super fun and exciting game for all ages. Giant Hot Wire is the ultimate test of patience, whole body steadiness, and hand-eye co-ordination.
Starting From $ 75.00 per Day
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Giant Jenga Games & More
The classic Jenga game, but MUCH BIGGER At setup, starts at 18 inches high, and can stack to over 3 feet high in play!
Starting From $ 45.00 per Day
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Golf Challenge Games & More
The colorful backdrop, which is designed to look like a golf course, is velcro receptive, so the special velcro practice golf balls stay right where you hit them. For pros or novices alike, this game can quickly become addictive.
Starting From $ 89.00 per Day
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Golf Driving Range Games & More
Practice up on your golf anywhere with this inflatable golf practice cage. Perfect idea for Father's Day, vacations, work or business parties, backyard BBQ, birthday parties, trade shows, family reunions and more. Can be used anywhere such as backyards, basements, garages, parks, golf course, and office. Inflates in 30 seconds.
Starting From $ 359.00 per Day
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High Striker Games & More
A carnival favorite! Swing the big sledge hammer to see how high you can get. Try to ring that bell!
Starting From $ 199.00 per Day
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Inflatable Basketball Game Games & More
Each player shoots 3 mini basketballs. whichever player sinks more baskets wins.
Starting From $ 269.00 per Day
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Inflatable Carnival Games Bounce Houses, Games & More
This inflatable, round carnival game setup is great for your next school event or fundraiser!
Starting From $ 1,579.00 per Hour
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Inflatable Hoops Basketball Games & More
New for 2017, our Inflatable Hoops Basketball lets 2 players go head to head in an oversized basketball battle!
Starting From $ 350.00
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