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9D Virtual Reality System
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9D Virtual Reality System

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What's 9D vr ?

9D Virtual Reality cinema is a new high-tech masterpiece entertainment product. It is a combination of virtual reality display and electrical electromagnetic suspension movement platform, it makes participants feel like they are in the game, like the virtual world of the matrix, compared with special effects theater.

You can do all the Fun Activities available on the planet right here!

- Insane Roller Coasters than those available in the Fair
- Amazingly Scary Rides
- Travel in Space
- Go deep inside the Sea
- Ride on Speed Boats
- Ride on Air Force One
- Ride on Helicopter
- Go in the War Zone and experience you in Army Uniform

Your guest will be transported into the scenarios in a blink of an eye, experiencing the real feeling of being in different landscapes from cartoons to the most thrilling virtual environments. 


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